Spring Book Sale

Hello Friends

Its that time of year again! Book Sale! The Dates for the sale are April 8-12.


We will set up for the sale on Monday at 10 am. Then the sale will be open from 6-8 pm. The remainder of the week it will be open during regular library hours. Again, pricing is as follows $1.00 for hardcover, DVD’s, etc. with paperback books for .50. Friday will be $1 bag day.

If you can help out either with set up or working a couple of hours during the sale, please let me know.


We will be providing cookies for book sale guest on Monday evening as well. If a couple of you could bring 2 dozen it would be greatly appreciated. Again, email me and let me know.


Thank you for being a part of the Friends of the Library. I look forward to seeing you at the sale.


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